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Club Friendlies


14th October 2023 vs Parkside (6x triples)

16th October 2023 vs Bradwell BC (6x rinks)
21st October 2023 vs Romsey (6x triples)
28th October 2023 vs Chawton Park (6x triples)
4th November 2023 vs Geoff's Presidents Day (8x triples)
12th November vs Palmerston (A) (6x triples)
18th November 2023 vs Victory (6x triples)
26th November 2023 vs Hampshire Presidents (6x rinks)
9th December 2023 vs West Berks (6x triples)
7th January 2024 vs Waterside (6x triples)
27th January 2024 vs Kent Presidents Tour (6x rinks)
28th January 2024 vs Hampshire Patrons (6x rinks)
3rd February 2024 vs Howard Park (6x triples)
10th February 2024 vs Chawton Park (A) (6x triples)
17th February 2024 vs Geoff's Last Chance (8x triples)
25th February 2024 vs Palmerston (6x triples)
2nd March 2024 vs Essex County (8x rinks)
3rd March 2024 vs West Berks (A) (6x triples)
9th March 2024 vs Victory (A) (6x triples)
12th March 2024 vs Devon Ladies (6x rinks)
Thank you taking part in our club friendlies!
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